Appraisals for Plaintiff & Defense Attorneys

The appraisal process begins when the proposed insurance award for a covered claim is disputed by a significant amount and the Appraisal Provision is demanded by either party in writing. When this demand is made, both the insurance company and the policyholder select and appoint an independent third party to serve as their Appraiser. The purpose of this process is to reduce the instance of costly lawsuits when the only dispute is the loss amount. Though the appraisal mechanism was provided by State Regulators to help reduce overall costs, the selected independent appraisers must intimately understand insurance issues, replacement and construction costs or the entire process can be wasted and the ruling overturned.

Moore Public Adjusters have extensive knowledge of the professional insurance appraisal process. We produce a thorough replacement cost analysis supported by a network of engineers, contractors and inspectors. Our team understands that the purpose of this process is to help save costs all around and nothing will support this better than confident, quick resolution. This complete understanding in the unique requirements of each claim such as potential site clearing, remediation or efficient provision for temporary relocation of living or operations areas often quickly bring both sides to agreement with the least amount of lost time and legal expense.

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